Our School Council

Our School Council “We are a friendly group of individuals who were voted by our class to represent them and our school on a variety of things. We meet at least twice every term

What We Do

We listen to everyone and discuss what they have asked us about.

Some of the things we have helped with are:

  • Getting playground equipment and deciding what would be good
  • Extra lunch time clubs.
  • Created playground rules.
  • When we are out on the playground we are always ready to help anyone who needs us.
  • We discussed reasons for pupils being in detention and some were changed.
  • We evaluated theme week and discussed what worked well.
  • We helped with Eco-School by deciding what would be good things to be planted.

The benefits of being a School Councillor

“Being a School Councillor makes me feel important and I can make a difference”  Dani, Class 9
“It makes me feel that people can come and talk to me”  Dylan, Class 6
“Being a School Council member makes me feel that I can do anything”  Charlie, Class 10


School Council Newsletter 1 – Jan 2020