The Local Governing Body

Pennine View School

As a sponsored academy, Pennine View School is in the process of developing a new local governing body, and in the interim period an Intervention Board has been put in place to carry out the duties of a local governing body. This Board was installed by DMBC prior to the school becoming a Nexus academy.

The Nexus MAT Chief Finance Officer acts as an advisor to the Intervention Board, and attend most meetings.

The Intervention Board was constituted on 1st January 2017 and the terms of reference can be accessed here. (Click here)

It is the role of the Intervention Board to hold the senior leadership team to account for the improvement of standards at Pennine View School, with delegated power and authority from the Nexus MAT Board of Directors.

Pennine View School Intervention Board


Chair & Leadership & Management Link Member Mr John Coleman
Teaching & Learning Link Member Mrs Lisa Suter
Safeguarding Link Member Ms Sarah Mulhall
Wellbeing Link Member Ms Julianne Duffy
Doncaster MBC Link Member Mr Chris Fallon
Nexus MAT Chief Executive Officer Mr Warren Carratt

The Intervention Board meets at least 3 times a term, with additional meetings arranged as required.

Meet the Intervention Board (link to new page)

How can I contact the Intervention Board?

The Intervention Board can be contacted via the Trust clerk Diane Hyner, either via the school office (for written correspondence) or via email at

When will a local governing body be in place?

The Trust aims to install a local governing body by the 2017 autumn term. This governing body will include 2 parent governors, 2 staff governors and have no fewer than 7 governors in total.