Welcome to Tawny Owl class.

We hope you enjoy looking at the learning and opportunities that we have in our class.

We are researching our own individual questions about India, from ‘does it snow?‘ to do people eat different things?’ We can’t wait to share our research with you in our celebration event.

Friday saw the launch of our Pupil Parliament. We learnt about how the UK Parliament works and pupils put themselves forward to stand as candidates in our elections for our school and Trust Parliament. This week, we met our local MP, Nick Fletcher. There were five candidates from our class who wanted to become our class MP. After the voting was done, we made an art attack of a famous clock. 

Tawny Owl have been demonstrating some fantastic balancing and jumping in today’s PE lesson.

We had the amazing Tawnyville exhibition this afternoon. Tawny Owls would like to proudly introduce you all to their town of the future, powered by thermal energy from a volcano and containing an incredible range of buildings and entertainment venues.

We’ve been studying the city of Sheffield this week and visited on Monday. We will be using all we have learned about towns and cities to help us to build Tawnyville.