Welcome to Robin class.

Robin class are working at the EXPRESS level.

Learning takes place in a range of contexts. Pupils are supported to develop and express their own opinions.  Pupils experiment with concepts and ideas. Pupils are encouraged to be courageous and innovative.  Pupils begin to find their own voice and develop their own identity. Pupils are taught to respect and accept others’ opinions and individuality.  Pupils learn through drama, communities of inquiry and immersive experiences. Learning is extended in real life situations through visits and visitors. Learning is led by the pupils. Staff guide pupils by challenging and supporting, and by creating a safe environment for every pupil to express themselves.

This is the platform for empowering our pupils to take on the world.

We hope you enjoy looking at the learning and opportunities that we have in our class.

Robin class have done an amazing job in preparation for the Christmas Fair at The Bridge. Here are some of the brilliant gifts that have been made to sell. Parents and carers were welcomed to come and look at all of the amazing work their child has produced this half term.

Today we have elected our Pennine View Members of Parliament and then we have been outside creating an art attack photo of The Houses of Parliament.

This morning in Duke of Edinburgh we have been cooking noodles on the trangia.

We have been learning about Forces and Friction- here we are conducting our friction investigation.

The students have produced their own Newsletter to share with parents and carers. 

As a reward for all of their hard work this half term Robins were treated to breakfast in the cafe this morning at the Bridge.

Another fabulous day, we did our shopping first and then onto Harmony House. 

This morning in our Duke of Edinburgh lesson we’re having the great bridge bake off!

Great investigations taking place today in Robin class.

Some fabulous art work taking place today at The Bridge.

Working hard in maths this morning.

Robin class did an amazing job this afternoon running their coffee afternoon. The cakes made yesterday were delicious and they also made fantastic bunting to put up around the room and also clear directions for visitors to find us this afternoon.