Welcome to Harrier class.

Harrier class are working at the EXPRESS level.

Learning takes place in a range of contexts. Pupils are supported to develop and express their own opinions.  Pupils experiment with concepts and ideas. Pupils are encouraged to be courageous and innovative.  Pupils begin to find their own voice and develop their own identity. Pupils are taught to respect and accept others’ opinions and individuality.  Pupils learn through drama, communities of inquiry and immersive experiences. Learning is extended in real life situations through visits and visitors. Learning is led by the pupils. Staff guide pupils by challenging and supporting, and by creating a safe environment for every pupil to express themselves.

This is the platform for empowering our pupils to take on the world.

We hope you enjoy looking at the learning and opportunities that we have in our class.

We’ve been making plant pots out of clay! They are all dry and ready to paint today and then the children can fill them will soil and plant one of the cuttings from our spider plant (called Peter Parker) which we have in class. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with spiders.

Amazing basketball passing by all pupils in today’s PE lesson. Mr Burns was very impressed with your use of PE target words and discussion.

Our lovely new reading corner, this is linked to our Carnival topic within our Diversity theme of learning.

Here was our class banquet 🍴 We listened to Greensleeves by Henry VIII, ate the food we made yesterday and showed our distinguished guests our portraits, castles and our poems. It was a lovely afternoon and a lovely celebration of our learning!

We have been busy making lovely invitations this week ready for our banquet on Tuesday.

Another fantastic PE session with Mr Burns today.

Our poems were fantastic and some of these are below.

We went for a walk in to Conisbrough this afternoon to see what is in our community. This will help us when we come to write a poem about Conisbrough this week. We got really lucky with the weather! 🌞

Our class topic this half term is Towers, Turrets and Tunnels. We’ve turned our reading area into our very own castle. 

We’ve had a really lovely day at Wentworth Castle Gardens. We’ve played in the castle park, climbed a tall tower and even spotted some deer!

Harriers have had a brilliant day today working during Sports Day, they were fantastic!