Welcome to Barn Owls class.

We hope you enjoy looking at the learning and opportunities that we have in our class.

We did a ‘Fireworks in a jar’ investigation in science today, the children enjoyed watching what happened when they mixed the water, oil and food colouring together.

Barn Owls have another brilliant PE session with Mr Burns again today. 

Fantastic firework paintings.

October 13th – At today’s celebration event, all Barn Owl staff were so proud of the children for working so hard on their film premiere called ‘All About Me’.  They carried out their jobs perfectly. The guests absolutely loved the film and some even wanted autographs afterwards.

Barn Owls have had a great day today! They have loved joining in and singing at the theatre show. Then we saw crabs, lobsters and squid at the market and did some shopping. We had our picnic in the wool market and finally we enjoyed choosing new books to get out from the library!

Lots of hard work in Maths this morning.

On Monday 13th September, we visited Danum museum and the library in Doncaster. All students loved sitting upstairs on the bus and choosing books to borrow from the library!

Wednesday 8th September. To launch our Community theme, we had our Sports Day which involved all of our school community. We had a fantastic day and we showed lots of fantastic teamwork.