Pennine View School

Local Governing Body

As an academy, the Local Governing Body of Pennine View School has delegated powers from the ​Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors, which are outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation

The Chief Executive Officer and Officers of the Trust act as advisors to the Local Governing Body and attend most meetings

The Governing Body was constituted on 1st September 2018 and the following structure of Governance is now in place:

Local Governing Body

The total membership shall be not less than 7 and not more than 12.

The membership shall comprise:

  • the Chair who is elected by the Trust Board of Directors;
  • the Headteacher;
  • no fewer than 2 elected Parent Governors;
  • two elected Members of Staff, one Teaching, one Non-Teaching;
  • the remaining Governors are appointed by the Local Governing Body. Governors can be Parents or Members of Staff but the number of Staff Governors (inc Headteacher) must not exceed one-third of the total number of Governors.


Pennine View Governing body

Emma Heyes Governor – Chair Emma Heyes Interests & Attendance Data
Sarah Mulhall Headteacher Pennine View School Sarah Mulhall Interests & Attendance Data
Chris Rowse Governor – T&L Link Governor Chris Rowse Interests & Attendance Data
Carol Lawrie Parent Governor Carol Lawrie Interests & Attendance Data
Sally Macdonald Governor Sally Macdonald Interests & Attendance Data
Sally Wylde Staff Governor Sally Wylde Interests & Attendance Data
Kelly-Ann Robinson Parent Governor Kelly-Ann Robinson Interests & Attendance Data
Elise Bowen Teacher Governor Elise Bowen Interests & Attendance Data
Andy Clayton Governor Andy Clayton Interests & Attendance Data


Governor Interests are reviewed at every meeting and the Nexus MAT Registers of Interest can be found on the Pennine View School Finance page

All individual Governor information with regard to Interests & Attendance can be found with the Individual Governor Profiles as you

Meet the Governors

The Local Governing Body meets at least once a half term, with additional meetings being arranged as required.

Approved minutes of the Local Governing Body can be accessed at the bottom of this page

How can I contact the School Governors?

The Chair of Governors can be contacted on

or via the Executive Support to the Trust c/o Hilltop School, Larch Road, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8AZ,
or email Diane Hyner

How are Governors chosen?

There are different categories of Governors:
Parent Governors, Staff Governors and Governors.

Parent Governors are elected by current parents when a vacancy becomes available

Staff Governors, are representatives of the teaching or support staff and are elected by the eligible staff when a vacancy becomes available

Governors are appointed by the Local Governing Body.
​They are selected to provide skills and experience which Governors feel are required.

The Chair of the Local Governing Body is appointed by the Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors.

All Governors initially serve for a period of four years. At the end of the four years, they can stand for re-election or be re-appointed. Governors are free to resign before the end of their four-year term if they so wish.

Meet the Governors:

Emma Heyes
Emma has worked in local government for nearly 30 years, with the last 15 years being in children and young people’s services.  Emma has experience of leading major change management initiatives and has a track record of successfully managing a wide variety of projects.  Emma is excited and eager to bring her drive and enthusiasm to Pennine View to support their students and staff alike.
Carol Lawrie
My name is Carol I am a parent governor I have one child at Pennine View. I have worked, fostered and have children with varying learning disabilities. However I am passionate about education and believe all children and young adults have a right to expect a high quality of education regardless of their disability. As a governor I feel that I can represent parents as I understand how difficult and at times challenging it is to have a child with complex needs.
Chris Rowse
I was a teacher for 38 years working in a number of large Comprehensive Schools teaching Ceramics. I was Head of Department for many years before leaving Mainstream Education  and moving to Special Education. I have experience of working with young people with Severe Learning Difficulties and Autism. I have recently retired and I am very pleased  to be a part of Pennine View School.
Elise Bowen
My name is Elise Bowen and I am currently a teacher at Pennine view School and have been for the past 3 years. I originally worked at Pennine View as a teaching assistant from 2009-2011 and I was inspired to pursue a career in teaching. I worked in main stream education for 3 years but found myself longing to work back in a special educational needs setting. So… here I am back where I belong with my passion as fuelled as ever fulfilling my new role as a Teacher Governor.
Naveen Judah
I am Naveen Judah and I am the father of a 17-year-old with SLD at Hilltop school. I have extensive experience in senior mgt. especially finance in the private, public and 3rd sectors.  My aim is to help Nexus academies achieve their vision without diluting their core values.
Sarah Mulhall
Sarah became the headteacher of Pennine View School on the 1st September 2017. Sarah was previously the Senior Deputy Headteacher of Kelford School and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the work of the Local Governing Body.
Sally Macdonald
Sally has worked with young people with SEN in Further Education for over 25 years. She has worked in many parts of the country.  Her experiences have given her an understanding of the challenges that children, young people and their families face as they grow up and make their transition into adult life.  She has a commitment to young people with SEN reaching their potential and living fulfilling lives.


Past Governors:

Wendy Wheldon – Wendy Wheldon Interests & Attendance Data

Alan Jones – Alan Jones Interests & Attendance Data

Arron Ducker – Arron Ducker Interests & Attendance Data

Julianne Duffy – Julianne Duffy Interests & Attendance Data

Kerry Martin – Kerry Martin Interests & Attendance Data

Naveen Judah – Naveen Judah Interests & Attendance Data

Governor Minutes

2019 -2020

01 Teaching Learning & Wellbeing Minutes 17th October 2019
02 Safeguarding, Leadership and Management Minutes 12th December 2019

2018 – 2019

01 Teaching & Learning Minutes 27th September 2018
02 Safeguarding & Wellbeing Minutes 18th October 2018
03 Leadership & Management Minutes 6th December 2018
04 Teaching & Learning LGB Minutes 31st Jan 2019
05 Safeguarding & Wellbeing LGB Minutes 7th March 2019
06 Leadership & Management LGB Minutes 4th April 2019

2017 – 2018

01 Pennine View LGB 29th September 2017
02 Pennine View LGB 27th October 2017
03 Pennine View LGB 7th December 2017
04 Pennine View LGB 1st February 2018
05 Pennine View LGB 15th March 2018
06 Pennine View LGB 26th April 2018
07 Pennine View LGB 17th May 2018
08 Pennine View LGB 21st June 2018
09 Pennine View LGB 12th July 2018