The local Governing Body at Pennine View School

As an academy, the Local Governing Body of Pennine View School has delegated powers from the Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors, which are outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.

The Trust Chief Executive Officer and Chief Finance Officer act as advisors to the Local Governing Body, and attend most meetings

The Governing Body was constituted in Autumn 2017 and the following structure of Governance is now in place:

  • Head Teacher
  • No more than 2 Parent Governors
  • No more than 2 Staff Governors
  • At least 3 Associate Governors

MINIMUM TOTAL = 7 GOVERNORS (inc 3 members of staff)

Pennine View Local Governing Body

Ms. Julianne Duffy (Chair)
Mrs. Kerry Martin (Parent)
Mrs. Carol Lawrie (Parent)
Mr. Alan Jones
Mr. Chris Rowse
Mrs. Wendy Machin
Mr Naveen Judah
Miss. Elise Bowen (Staff)
Mr. Michael Swann (Staff)
Ms. Sarah Mulhall (Headteacher)
Clerk – Diane Hyner

Governing body minutes can be viewed below


To be added from the first LGB meeting in September 2017

The Local Governing Body meets at least once a half term, with additional meetings being arranged as required.


How can I contact the school governors? The governors can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors c/o  Pennine View School, Old Road, Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, DN12 3LR, or email

How are governors chosen? There are different categories of Governors: Parent Governors, Staff Governors, and Associate Governors.