Please ring school if your child is absent for any reason or if they have any appointments which mean they will be late or have to leave school early. You must ring school every day of your child’s absence. If anyone different is collecting your child, you must also let us know.  Tel school: 01709 864978


Boys: dark trousers, white shirt/polo shirt, black sweatshirt/fleece, dark shoes.

Girls: dark trousers/skirt/dress, white shirt/polo shirt, black sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece, dark shoes.

Unisex PE Kit: White t-shirt and dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms.

Uniform containing our school logo is available to order from Tesco online.


We have a breakfast club every morning at school.  All pupils are offered toast during morning registration.


If you want your child to have milk at school it is your responsibility to complete the form which is provided in every new starter pack. Alternatively, you can contact Cool Milk on 0800 142 2972 or www.coolmilk.com

If your child is entitled to free school meals they can also have free school milk, but you must register your details with Cool Milk on the number or website above.


School meals are served between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.  The cost of a school meal is £2.50 per day.  Dinner money must be sent at the start of each week in an envelope with your child’s name clearly marked on.

If your child has any special dietary requirements or food allergies, let us know so that our school cook can accommodate your child’s dietary requirements.

Meal menu cycle can be downloaded here and to be used with the latest school meal menu here


Each child is provided with a school planner.  Please check your child’s planner every day for messages from the teacher and please use the planner to send messages from home to school.